young founder

I started programming plugins for the game Minecraft when I was nine years old. I quickly realized that programming is fun and I have a talent for it. Over the years I have built up a fascination for technology and the last few years I have used to expand my knowledge in the field of computer science. Pretty soon I realized that I can earn money with it and it can be more than a hobby. Quite quickly I met many people who hired me as a freelancer and I was able to gain a lot of experience.

At the age of fourteen I had the first thoughts about starting a business. And then when I was fifteen and a half years old I finally dared to send an application according to §112 BGB (German law) to the court in my city. And as expected, after an invitation to the court, I was also granted permission to start a business as a minor, which was just the other day because the court takes quite a long time to process such things.

Currently I am 16 years old and live in a small German town. I am working on building up my business and running it successfully.
Java - 85%
HTML - 80%
SQL - 80%
CSS - 45%
JavaScript - 45%
Containers (Docker and Kubernetes) - 55%
Server administration - 85%
Git - 65%
German - 100%
English - 80%
Croatian - 80%
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